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"We had decided that we would do whatever was necessary to include Jon in every aspect of our family. We made it work with Jon. We knew we wanted to go out to restaurants, so we told him over and over again hundreds of times the proper ways to act, and now he does very well.
We wanted to travel and we knew that if we didn't that we would resent it and we never wanted to resent anything about Jon. So we figured out ways to make it work. We went to Mexico; we went all over the United States in an RV with Jon. We even took Jon on a couple of cruises and everyone loved him on the ships. He has a knack for being an accepting, loving, caring person and people respond to that.
People were curious about Jon and they'd walk right up to us and ask questions. We didn't discourage any of that. As long as people treated Jon with respect, it was okay to ask questions and talk with him and play with him."