"From the moment Jon came home to live with us, I felt that we were the luckiest family in the world. I remember asking God a lot, "how come we're so lucky to have Jon?" I always had big dreams and I think Jon gave me the determination and strength to believe in and follow those dreams.
It's true that as kids we had to be more responsible at a very young age. That extra responsibility gave me a lot of strength though. I felt more confident, because I had experience taking care of Jon.
I think the biggest lesson that Jon taught me is that it's the heart that matters most. I remember one time when I was in college and drove home for the weekend. I was stressed from exams. Jon walked up and put his hand across his chest and nodded slightly. I asked, "What, Jon, what do you want?" Jon did the same motion again. I grew frustrated and grabbed his hand and pulled him into the kitchen. Assuming he wanted something to eat, I opened all of the cabinets and asked again, "What do you want? Show me!" Jon again did the motion. I said, "That's it, if you can't tell me what it is you want, go to bed!" And Jon went to bed. The next morning I asked my parents what that motion meant and they said, "Oh, that's his new sign for I love you." That's how he opens your heart. That's how my brother teaches."