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Past Events

May 1st, 2009

(New York, NY) Go Sprout!
The Sprout Film Festival ran at the Metropolitan Museam of Art in New York, NY. It's a wonderful festival, and if you have the chance to go we highly recommend it!

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May 10th, 2008

(New York, NY) The Teachings of Jon was shown at the "Go Sprout!" festival in New York to a wonderful response. Held at The Metropolitian Museam of Art, the festival is an annual event featuring films and art by or about persons with disabilities. Filmmaker Jennifer Owensby was available for a Q & A following the showing.

April 7th, 2008

(Mansfield, OH) Jennifer Owensby, Jon's little sister and filmmaker, spoke at a training inservice at Richland Newhope Residential Services.

Since the film aired in April, 2004, Jennifer has been invited to speak at a number of training seminars and other events. She offers her insights and stories of personal experience in order to help others better understand how to connect and communicate with
someone like Jon.

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What's New With Jon

Updated Thursday, October 4th, 2012

       Because of popular demand, "The Teachings of Jon" is now in it's second 4-year run nationally on Public Television. We continue to receive
emails from fans and viewers asking for updates on Jon.

       Most of the movie was taped in 2000-2001, and Jon celebrated his 40th birthday in the film. This past March, 2012, Jon turned 51, and he is doing better than ever. In 2007 he moved in with his full time caregiver, Sandra. He has lost 90 pounds thanks to improved diet and exercise, and he is actually starting to verbalize some of his wants and needs. He still loves to fold paper, but Batman is now his favorite character (forgive us, Mickey!) and earphones are still his all time favorite thing.

       You can keep track of Jon's progress on "The Teachings of Jon" Facebook page here. Thanks you all for your continued support!