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What is he saying?

Choose from the answers below:

Look at the images to the left and match them with jon's requests below. Click on the images or the links below for the answer and a video clip. You can also go to jon's glossary.

"More folding paper please!"
"May I have an egg sandwich please?"
"More sugar please."
"Please fan me."
"Please fix my earphones."
"Would you please bring me my furbies?"
"I love you."
"Would you please get my earphones?"
"I want the napkins that you hide over there to fold!"
"Would you please get me something to drink?"
"May I have something to eat please?"
"Thank you."

We tried everything to teach Jon how to talk for about 7 years. He did learn 3 or 4 words, but they never were very clear. He would say, "look" for "milk", "ray-ro" for "radio", and "jook" for "juice". Then when he was 14, his teacher at school suggested that maybe he would be able to communicate more effectively if he learned sign language. A specialist in Amercan Sign Language taught him a modified sign language for over 10 years. We all learned Jon's signs and repeated them over and over again at home to help him learn. Then Jon modified his signs further, coming up with his own language, which is a combination of the signs he learned and his own creative interpretation of what he is trying to tell you. - A site of visual languages and communication.