"Jon is limited intellectually, mentally and physically, but he is unlimited in the ways he affects other people and everyone gains something from Jon. Jon taught me that anyone can learn.
Just being around Jon, understanding him, and having the experience of understanding difference and limitations makes you more sympathetic and empathetic.
Everyone smiles around Jon, he brings something that makes people happy, makes people laugh and feel comfortable around him.
Jon helped me in my work as a psychiatrist. In many ways, I've told people that it's what you are thinking and how you are thinking that is causing your problem. Jon has the best mental health of anyone I know. He doesn't store things up, he doesn't hold grudges. He only stays angry for a very brief amount of time. He spends most of his time just observing things and on some level he processes that information, but he doesn't think about how to manipulate this person or that or how to get the better of someone. Jon is a wonderful example of someone who doesn't create problems for himself."